Fighting for a Cause

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Fighting for a Cause – Red OctoberFit Gives Back

Nothing is more important than giving something back to the community and the world as a whole. The people around us help us to grow and thrive and meet our own goals. Without you, Red OctoberFit wouldn’t be able to exist, and that’s why we make this promise: Red OctoberFit is going to give something back, and we’ve been intent on that goal from day one.

Our mission is to use a percentage of what we earn from registration fees to help with One child of mine day care contributions both domestically and abroad.

Why did we choose this cause to support? Because I know from first-hand experience how critical good, reliable, and safe child care can be for working families. This is especially true in an economic climate where many households require both parents to work just so they can pay the bills and put food on the table. And with that being the case, imagine the hardships faced by single parents, and the cost involved in those parents having no choice but to pay for child care while they’re working.

Financial assistance is important when it comes to this issue. It’s not just a matter of child care providing the only option outside of the impractical (bringing a child to work) or the unthinkable (leaving a young child alone), but it also gives these children more opportunities to learn and develop inside a structured environment. Effective child care fosters social skills, self-discipline, and other traits that will follow a child all the way into adulthood.

Sure, I remember taking a lot of naps and playing games when I was in day care as a kid, but what the experience instilled in me at that age was part of what allowed me to become a productive adult. That’s exactly what I want to help proliferate with Red OctoberFit’s contributions.

We’re going to take some of the burden off of struggling families and help to place children in a safe environments while their parents are at work…and by doing this, we believe we’re helping everyone. These children are the future of our world, and our future will be a reflection of how we care for them, support them, and teach them right now.


Go to and check out the competition’s details for yourself. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in contributing to 1 Child of Mine Foundation.


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